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Thank you for visiting Off Leash K9 Training Columbus, the only Columbus dog trainer that provides a 100% money back “OFF LEASH GUARANTEE.” Any breed, any age! Our methods utilize our years of experience training dogs for the Military and Secret Service –training that must be so reliable and effective that lives can depend on it.

Proof our Methods Work

Why it Works: Crystal Clear Communication

A common theme among dog trainers today is to communicate with dogs in a way that is acceptable for a human. They feel that giving a reward for a requested behavior, and a stern “no!” for not obeying a command should work with enough repetition. Not only is it ineffective, it is not fair to the dog–without going into the science, it requires logical reasoning when the dog is under different distractions.

The reality is that dogs’ brains are wired to react to stimuli within their environment, not reason through it.  They learn by associating “this happens when this happens.”  Therefore, training that can be relied upon when the dog faces tempting distractions requires creating a strong enough negative association to overcome the distraction.  This is done through training in a way that the canine brain can understand.

Sadly, many Columbus dog trainers try to teach dogs to obey commands using only a reward because reward based training is easy, or it’s all they know. Then, when you don’t get results, you are told you “need more time”, or worse, blame the dog as being “un-trainable” or “just being a dog” while still taking your money. Using reward is an important aspect of training, but cannot be the sole focus if reliable obedience is desired.

At Off Leash K9 Training, our Columbus dog trainer Daniel Carter knows that every dog is trainable. Once the owner learns how to communicate in a way the dog understands, the difference in behavior is truly astounding.  Our training  “speaks the canine language” and as a result, the training is quick and results in happy dogs and happy owners.

You CAN have the pet you’ve always wanted.   100% OFF LEASH GUARANTEED!


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